jada message from the national commissioner

“I suppose every British boy wants to help his Country in some way or other. There is a way, by which he can do so easily, and that is by becoming a Scout.”
These words are taken from the first part of a fortnightly magazine published in 1908, called ‘Scouting for Boys – a handbook for instruction in good citizenship’ written by Lieutenant -General Robert Baden-Powell.
More than a century later the Scout Movement is now worldwide and unites young people of many different countries, race and religion.
The European Scout Federation (FSE) was formed, in 1956, by a group of French and German Scout leaders after the Second World War, to unite the youth of Europe.
The three main objectives were:
• To train young people to become self reliant citizens through Baden Powell’s Scouting
• To foster a European community spirit and build contacts between members
• To bring about the living and working together of different religions for the mutual benefit of all
The FSE British Association (British Association) was founded in 1959 and to this day, the membership continues to work to meet these objectives. We are a Scouting organisation for males and females and are composed of the following sections: Otters, Wolf Cubs, Scouts, Rovers and Rangers. Our organisation keeps to the traditional methods of Scouting that the founder Robert Baden-Powell set out in “SCOUTING for BOYS”.
We are completely independent of other British Scout organisations and are not in opposition or rival to any Scout Organisations in Great Britain or Europe. The FSE is a medium for those who prefer its methods. The Patrol system for example is used for its original purposes, to teach leadership, resourcefulness and obedience. We retain Baden-Powell’s progressive training system of Tenderfoot, Second class and First class badges.
It is our opinion that the original tests and uniform provide a unique appeal because they do not favour those youngsters with academic intelligence, sporting skills or plenty of money. The ‘old’ ideas of wood smoke are not necessarily “old hat”.

OTTERS (boys or girls) 5 years to 7 years
WOLF CUBS (boys or girls) 7 years to 11 years
SCOUTS (boys or girls) 11 years to 16 years
ROVERS AND RANGERS (boys or girls) 16 years with no upper limit

Yours In Scouting And Friendship

Jad McCormack
National Commissioner
European Scout Federation (British Association)