1st gloucestershire

1st / 2nd Glocestershire

1st & 2nd Gloucesterhire (AKA Yknot European Scouts) are a new Scout group based in the SouthWest of England. The groups founders are Mark keene, Mark Roberts & Adam Bird all of which were previous scout leaders or were involved with Scouting.
When we started out on our daunting venture we really did not know where to start. Enthusiasm and energy we have plenty, knowledge of setting up a new group we had none. In August 2012 we contacted the FSE who were fantastic. The FSE provided us with knowledge , constitutions, financial help and advise and above all they we friendly and welcoming from grass root level all the way to the top. Wow what a breath of fresh air to work with people who are in it for the kids and not the titles they hold.
Its been five long fun weeks since we launched our first scout night and to date we have circa 32 Scouts on our books with a weekly attendance between 22 and 26 Scouts. We hope in the future to expand our group to include Otters, Wolf Cubs, Rovers etc and eventually who knows another group, another district.

GSM 1st/2nd Gloucestershire


If you are interested in starting up a new Group in the European Scout Federation, whether that be just Otters, Cubs Scouts or all Sections, please contact me directly for further details.
It isn’t a difficult process as the GSM 1st/2nd Gloucestershire has written about above. My team and I will help you with all aspects of starting the Group which you can read more about in the ‘How to Start a New Group’
I look forward to hearing from you
Yours in Scouting and Friendship
Jad McCormack
National Commissioner

Instructions on how to start a new Group
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