The British Association of the European Scout Federation

The British Association of the European Scout Federation (FSE (BA) for short) is a traditional Scouting organisation. It aims to develop the personality and the sense of responsibility of young people in a friendly and supportive atmosphere in accordance with the methods laid down by the founder Baden Powell.
Scouting in the FSE involves certain undertakings. The first is the Scout Law accepted by young people and leaders as a way of life, and second, the Promise, a personal undertaking by each member. The picture is completed by the desire to take part in healthy outdoor activities whenever possible.


The aims of the Association shall be to promote the education of young people of both sexes in the principles and practice of good citizenship and service to the community and in furtherance of this primary object and as ancillary thereto -
(a) Foster collaboration with similar groups of young people in Europe towards the attainment of the above object and
(b) Follow a prescribed course of progressive training calculated to further the primary object of the Association.
Another way of saying this is that the FSE is trying to encourage the physical, moral, and spiritual development of young people throughout Europe, so that, through Baden-Powell’s Scouting methods, we can be of benefit to all people in Europe, and indeed to all people in the world. By encouraging international Scout events and co-operation, we hope to further the growth of a real European spirit.
Physical development includes most of Scouting’s outdoor activities; B.P. once said that the most important three letters in ‘SCOUTING’ were ‘OUT’, and that is where the best Scouting is done.
Moral development is easily achieved by following the Scout Law, and in particular the so-called eleventh law which is ‘A Scout is not a fool’; if you follow the Scout Law you should always know what is right and what is wrong.
Spiritual development is encouraged by such activities as ‘Scouts’ Owns’ and closing prayers at the end of a meeting, though you are expected to attend church regularly as well.


The British Association of the FSE consists of many groups spread throughout England and Wales in such places as Cambridgeshire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Gloucestershire. The FSE in this country is a member of the Confédération Européenne de Scoutisme (CES) with other members in Germany, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands with friends in Spain and Poland.


The FSE (BA) wishes to enjoy friendly relations, and encourages full co-operation, with all other Scouting Associations, Youth Councils, bodies, and organisations dedicated to the welfare of young people.
Yours in Scouting and Friendship

Jad McCormack
National Commissioner
European Scout Federation (British Association)